this is her story
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kannan crackers online reviewshe was to spend her productive years as a service dog. for reasons that are not entirely clear she could not make the grade. she was then adopted by grand mama-san and lived in tokyo where she spent her time chasing snakes and eating melons from the garden.
about 9 years ago she needed some extra love and care to have a long and happy life. that is when she was adopted by her mommie and racked up some impressive frequent flier mileage while traveling to the united states.
if her ever wagging tail was any indication, she had a happy life in the united states with her mommie.
as patima got older she struggled with mouth infections and arthritis in her legs. her deminor never changed. she continued to love in dog units...70 times that of human love.
patima joined us on our wedding day which we never knew was so close to the end of her time with us.
her arthritis and infections took away her strength but her heart stayed strong. the love she gave only became greater as her time to leave us came closer. she stayed with us as long as she could knowing how heartbroken we would be when she was gone. if it was possible to survive on devotion alone, she would have lived forever.
our girl left us on november 21, 2006 but she will aways be in our hearts.
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